Communicate successfully and work together creatively.

Quick to use: You choose a template and we develop your very own Big Picture from it.

Comprehensive approach: There are many possibilities for use with the 5 roll-out media.

Effective communication: Pictures are better understood and remain longer in the memory.

Selected Products

Popular roll-out media

Click Picture

Self-explanatory tool with click points.


Picture Video

Animated script in HTML 5 with voice-over. 

Large format picture in print quality for interior use.


With us, your topics are in good hands: We’ve been developing explanatory media since 2003 and you’ll benefit from our experience of almost 20 years of project work for large companies and our database of over 20,000 elements. With Big Pictury, you get your very own individual explanatory image – only now even faster and cheaper.

News from the world of visualisation

See, understand, act: We help to make topics in the company visible, tangible and understandable, which is the basis for successful implementation. Working with a Big Picture can also be fun, because even seemingly dry topics are suddenly presented in an emotive and fascinating way. Exploit the power of pictures now for your own corporate communication.

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